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EbzB offers Arts-In-Education Performances, Residencies, Workshops and Professional Development

In five + years as a cultural arts rep at an elementary school, I can say I have dealt with a lot of people. Your business professionalism is unmatched. Truly I appreciate all of your well written contracts as well as somehow taking responsibility for my blunders! Thank You! 

-Terry Smith, Cultural Representative, Davis Drive Elementary School

  • EBZB Productions is pleased to be the recipient of the "North Carolina Theatre Conference's Constance Welsh Theatre For Youth Award" for providing quality entertainment and educational opportunities through theater to North Carolina's youth.
  • EBZB Productions is recognized by the North Carolina Arts Council's Touring Artist Directory and in the South Carolina Arts Commission AIE Roster of Approved Artists.  
  • EBZB Teaching Artists have been trained by The Lincoln Center Institute, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and the National Center For Creative Aging.

School Residencies

EBZB does a needs-assessment with each school in advance of a residency.  This allows teachers and staff to shape the goals and design of the integrated arts experience. Residencies usually take the form of researching a topic, writing a script, and  teaching participants to be aware of their tools for communication of the subject in a performance or presentation.  Emphasis is placed on effective use of actor tools: research, imagination, sense memory, manifestation, breath, body, eyes, face, and voice.

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             Take A Stand!

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            War Is Never Civil

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                To Be: United


     Beyond The Color Purple

EBZB’s work with North Carolina Students and Schools includes…

Time For Tolerance -, Whiteville High School Students in Columbus County, NC expose racial intolerance in a performance based on oral histories from Whiteville residents and news reports from the Pulitzer Prize winning Whiteville News Reporter.

North Chatham Elementary - War Is Never Civil. A performance based on the historical research on the American Civil War with a focus on how it affected Chatham County, NC and the current controversy regarding the civil war memorial at the Pittsboro, NC county courthouse.  Photos

Virginia Cross Elementary, Chatham County, NC - Checkpoint. A performance based on oral histories of immigration to Chatham County, NC. Photos

Margaret B. Pollard Middle School, NC - Take A Stand! > Anti-bullying performance based on oral histories from Chatham County residents. Photos | Blog

Columbia High School, Columbia, NC - MythUnderstandings. A performance based on the myths and legends of Tyrrell County, and how quickly we misinterpret meaning based on lack of context. Based on oral histories from citizens of Tyrrell County, NC.  Photos | Blog

Anson New Tech High School, NC - Beyond The Color Purple. The Ansonia Theatre and Anson County struggle to make a comeback as a community.  Based on oral histories from Anson County residents. Photos Blog

Gates County High School, NC - Open Now Thy Gates Of Beauty. A defense of Gates County performed in the historic Gates County Courthouse.  Based on oral histories from Gates County residents. Photos

Jones County High School, NC - Jones County - Past Present and Future.  A look at the history and hope for the future of Jones County, NC.  Based on oral histories from Jones County residents. Photos

Chatham County High School, NC - Let It Rock!  A poetic status report on Bear Creek, Chatham County, NC based on oral histories from local residents. Photos

Chowan County, NC - Bear Creek High School - To Be United. Photos

Professional Development For Educators 


         Teachers’ Workshops

              Arts Integration 

   United Arts Council Institute


EBZB Productions offers on-site professional development workshops for educators who want to learn and experience arts integration lesson planning. CEU Credits Available.

Find new ways to meet:

  • ESL standards
  • Common Core standards.
  • Core Arts Standards of Create, Perform, Respond.

Trained in the models of The John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts "Artists as Educators:  Planning Effective Workshops" for Arts in Education, The Lincoln Center Institute's International Educator Workshop and the National Center for Creative Aging, Serena Ebhardt and David zum Brunnen have extensive experience working with students, teachers, elders and business professionals in on-site residencies and workshops.  

Serena Ebhardt privately coaches business professionals to use acting tools in everyday communication. She also is known for her work as the director of the Provincial Drama Academy in Canada; and as a visiting professor with Peace and St. Mary's Colleges in Raleigh, NC.   Her work with students includes directing at Sanderson High School and serving as a guest artist on two extended occasions with Raleigh's Charter High School.  Serena successfully designed tailored residencies for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County schools in North Carolina, as part of an outreach program for Opera Carolina.  

Ebhardt explains and models arts integration for educators. She uses visual art, music, found-objects, text, speech and movement to create a devised drama presentation, which incorporates curriculum standards. 

Participants are asked to mindfully and physically engage with the lesson; to synthesize personal connections to the material; and to work as an ensemble. 

Activities inspire inclusivity and self-esteem. Physicalization and vocalization enhance memory— useful for recall on tests. Ebhardt also incorporates the basic tools of an actor (Breath, Body, Eyes, Face and Voice), which will serve teachers and students in effective everyday communication.

David zum Brunnen is well known for his performance work in the schools.  He has toured both in-state and out-of-state schools extensively withThe Night Before Christmas Carol, The Tender Nights of F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Wrights of Passage, and with Serena in Nicholas Nickleby in One Hour with Two People.  David has worked with students at schools where he has performed, coaching them on the realities of becoming an actor, and “Theatre as a Small Business," so that students may understand the importance of a well rounded education. He supports and teaches business classes for the artist. The goal is to help participants learn to empathize and communicate effectively using personal communication tools.

EBZB Professional Development workshops include work for many of the school systems in North Carolina, including the  United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute and UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Government Workshop - “ beyond The Founding Fathers: African-American History and the Constitution.”

Contact EbzB to tailor a workshop for your needs.

Photos - United Arts Council, Arts Integration Institute

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