Wrights of Passage


The Wrights of Passage is a story of the passion and focus of two brothers who wanted to prove it was possible for man to fly.  The brothers made the first powered flights in 1903, in a machine of the Wrights' own invention and construction.  The Wrights' discoveries provided the foundation and technology still used today in modern aviation and space exploration.  

Originally commissioned by the North Carolina Association of Educators, this family drama celebrates the first one hundred years of flight.  Speaking the Wrights' own words and dressed in period costumes, professional actors portray the brothers with enthusiasm and vigor. Wilbur and Orville Wright construct an abstract replica of the famous flyer while revealing their biographies and re-living the poetry of their influences, discoveries, failures, achievements and successes.  Audience members may participate, too, by interjecting aviation and space exploration highlights from previous centuries and the current one. A study guide and an audience etiquette guideline is available to enhance the theatergoing experience.  The Wrights of Passage is a timely theatrical event especially made for aviation enthusiasts of all ages.  

*Curriculum connections to 4th and 8th grade North Carolina History.

The standing ovation The Wrights of Passage received from the 1200 delegates at our state convention was well deserved! You entertain and educate. Bravo!

-NC Association of Educators.




Run Time - 50 minutes, appropriate for grades 4-8.

Study Guide

National Park Service From Wheel To Wing - Wright Brothers Lesson Plan

Technical Rider

**Audience members participate in The Wrights of Passage.  Presenters should select 16 audience members to participate as readers during the show.  The readers are given cards that include milestones and landmark achievements in the history of flight.  Readers must be comfortable reading and speaking in front of the audience and should be eight years old or above.  Readers must come to the performance area 15 minutes prior to the performance for preparation.   When readers are used, the venue should provide a stand, microphone and amplifier for the readers.

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