Native - Richard Wright and Paul Green

Native Graphic

Richard Wright and Paul Green adapting "Native Son" for the stage. Photo by Alexander M. Rivera

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By Ian Finley

A provocative and powerful production. Congratulations!

Donna Campbell, Patron

Native is based on the true story of the collaboration between Paul Green, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, and Richard Wright, African-American author of Native Son. The two men are brought together in 1941 to adapt Wright’s novel for the Broadway stage. In spite of their common goal to affect social change, a battle ensues between Wright and Green.  In a scintillating exchange about who has the right to tell a story of race, politics and social class, we see the seeds of recent events in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston. 

Featuring J. Mardrice Henderson as Richard Wright and David zum Brunnen as Paul Green. 

Serena Ebhardt directs.

Ian Finley is a playwright and educator who served as the NC Piedmont Laureate in 2012. He received the Harry Kondoleon Award for playwriting while earning his MFA at New York University's Tisch School of Performing Arts. His plays include a 2-part musical adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure for Burning Coal Theatre Company in Raleigh, Up from the Ground for the Piedmont Laureate program, and two ten-minute plays for the Ackland Art Museum. He also serves as Head of Drama at Research Triangle High School.





Run Time - 80 minutes, no intermission /Short Version - 55 minutes

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Technical Rider

The very successful workshop was presented with script in hand, and the text continued to evolve over the five-day run. Audience members had the opportunity – which they took enthusiastically – to share their helpful reactions to the play in post-performance conversations. 

Native received a workshop production at Deep Dish Theater Company in Chapel Hill in January 2015. David zum Brunnen portrayed Paul Green. Gil Faison and John Harris took turns at the role Richard Wright.

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